Bénazet Pavilion

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Bénazet Pavilion
The Bénazet Pavilion originally served as a bandstand. It was owned by the casino tenant Edouard Bénazet.

Type Pavilion

Date of Construction 1865

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The Bénazet Pavilion in the Swiss chalet style is located in the Dahlia Garden in the Lichtentaler Allee. It is named after the casino tenant and former owner of the pavilion Edouard Bénazet. This is indicated by the carved initials EB, which can be found in a round box directly below the ridge.


The bandstand from 1865 originally belonged to the estate of Edouard Bénazet in the Aumattstraße. When in 1967 the demolition of the building was announced, the former municipal archivist Margot Fuß proposed to move the pavilion to the Dahlia Garden, after the necessary renovations were carried out. This proposal didn't became reality at first. Instead Walter Friedmann, the founder of SANS SOUCIS took over the pavilion in 1968, arranged its renovation and placed it in its company's rose garden in Oos. After the death of Walter Friedmann his widow Maria donated the pavilion to the city of Baden-Baden. Like this it finally moved to its current location in the Dahlia Garden.



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