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In the Brahmshaus the famous composer Johannes Brahms spent several summer seasons. Today a museum is housed here.

Address Maximilianstr. 85

76534 Baden-Baden

Construction Date 1850

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Opening Times Mon,Wed,Fri 15:00 - 17:00 Son,Holidays 10:00 - 13:00
Admission 3 Euro

Wheelchair Accessible no
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In the Brahmshaus (Brahms house) in Lichtental the famous composer Johannes Brahms spent several summer seasons. Today the house, which includes a museum, is run by the association Brahmsgesellschaft Baden-Baden e.V..


In 1865 Johannes Brahms rented the appartment in Lichtental, that was owned by the lawyer's widow Clara Becker. He stayed from May to October. After this first summer season he came back for ten years and recommended the city and his appartment in Lichtental to a lot of friends.

In the 1960s the house should be pulled down because it was in a very bad condition. Some Brahms enthusiasts prevented this by founding the Brahmsgesellschaft Baden-Baden, which bought the house. The Brahms house was built around 1850 and even today it is inside and outside completly unchanged. In this house Brahms found the peace and silence to compose. Many of his famous compositions have been developed or perfected in this house. In the former apartment of Johannes Brahms the Brahmsgesellschaft established a Brahms Museum.