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The Buberlbrunnen features the statue of a naked boy by August Kraus.

Type Fountain

Creator August Kraus
Date of Construction 1910

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The Buberlbrunnen (little boy fountain) is located at the Augustaplatz. The statue of a naked boy stands on top of the fountain column. Particularly at the beginning, the statue was discussed controversially because of its nudity.


The statue of the naked boy was created by August Kraus (1863-1934), who spent some years of his childhood living in Baden-Baden. During an exhibition in the Staatliche Kunsthalle the statue received lots of positive reactions from visitors and critics. At the same time, a car driver damaged a fountain at the Augustaplatz. With the fine of the driver, donations and public funds it was possible to build a new fountain. Therefore August Kraus was asked to create a fountain in addition to his statue. On 10 July 1910 the new fountain was inaugurated.

Already before the inauguration there was resistance against displaying the naked boy in public. Later some philistines tried to clothe the statue. However the city administration always removed these clothes short time afterwards. That the statue remained isn't self-evident. The statue of "Männeken Pis", showing a peeing boy, was not displayed in public for 44 years. It was created by August Kraus in 1908 and only in 1952 it was positioned at a public square.



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