Climbing Area Battert

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The Climbing Area Battert is located at the south side of the mountain Battert. The 15 to 55 m high Battert rocks of a porphyry conglomerate are facing the city of Baden-Baden and climbing there is rewarded with a panomaric view over Baden-Baden and the Rhine valley. At the Battert there exist about 400 routes in the levels II to IX. The climbing area is varied. One can "[...] learn rock climbing and securing methods close to perfection on the Battert," Martin Schliessler wrote in a foreword to the Battert guide by Rolf Gundermann 1985.[1]

Development History[edit]

The history of climbing at the Battert began in 1885. Wilhelm Paulcke, who was a student at the Gymnasium Hohenbaden at that time, discovered first climbing routes. Later Paulcke became well-known as a geologist, avalanche researcher and pioneer of alpine skiing. Among the most important first avalanched avalanche of that time are the Kuhkamin and the Marterkamin. The Bockgrat was first climbed in 1905. Since 1925 Walter Stößer climbed at the Battert. He discovered the route Alter Pforzheimer Weg (IV+), the route Neuer Pforzheimer Weg (VI) and the Wespenkante. The Neue Falkenwand was discovered by Martin Schliessler in 1945. To date, many more routes were added, some with difficulty VII and more.




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