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The Ebersteinburg Rundweg (Ebersteinburg Circular Trail) is an approximatly 10 km (6.2 mi) long loop trail on the Battert and around Ebersteinburg. The trail runs eight shaped in two loops, that can be used separately from each other. The smaller western loop is the Battertrundweg, which is thus part of the Ebersteinburg Rundwanderweg. The route has been certified as a premium trail in 2006 and 2010 by the Deutsches Wanderinstitut, which is a German institute specialized on hiking.

General Information[edit]

The estimated actual walking time is about 3 hours. But you should allow for some extra time to explore the surrounding area. Sturdy footwear is recommended. The trail can be used at any time of the year except for snow. The height difference between the lowest point (355 m above sea level) and the highest point (565 m above sea level) is about 210 m.


The Ebersteinburg Circular Trail is marked with a blue circle. One good point to start from is the parking area Wolfsschlucht, that can also be reached with public transportation (Busline 214, stop Wolfsschlucht). An alternative starting point is the Castle Hohenbaden.

Before starting the actual hike at the parking area Wolfsschlucht, it is a good idea to do a small side trip to the rock Teufelskanzel. Therefore cross the street, pass the boom barrier and follow the narrow trail that branches off after 50 m (55 yd) at the right side to the rock Teufelskanzel.

Back at the parking area you can now start the actual hike. At first you follow the narrow trail uphill to the rock Engelskanzel (not the broad trail Hungerbergweg). Passing the Furtwängler Plaque you reach the lower Battert cabin. It forms the intersection point of the eight shaped pathway. From here, continue on the lower Battert way to the Castle Hohenbaden. In good weather conditions, you can watch from this section the climbers in the Battert rocks. The ruin of the Castle Hohenbaden marks the westernmost point of the Ebersteinburg Rundwanderweg. Above the castle the way leads up to the viewpoint Ritterplatte, which offers a great view over the Castle Hohenbaden, Baden-Baden and to the Rhine valley.

The path continues over the rocks and the rock stairs to a monumental oak tree the Batterteiche. Its age is estimated to be about 600 years, and it is therefore probably the oldest tree in Baden-Baden's city forest. From the upper Battert cabin you can go on a side trip to the rock bridge, where you are rewarded with another beautiful view. However, during the breeding season of the Common Ravens from mid-February to mid-July, the bridge is closed for visitors. At the next section of the actual hike one can discover the remains of a Celtic ring wall. The stones are today piled up to an height of one meter in average. Passing the mountain rescue hut you come back to the lower Battert cabin. From here, follow the Bienenwaldweg path to Ebersteinburg. The next stop is the Castle Alt-Eberstein north of Baden-Baden's distric Ebersteinburg. From there, the path leads to the Lukas cabin and the memorial stone for Otto von Löwenstein before he finally ends again at the initial parking area Wolfsschlucht.

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