Evangelische Stadtkirche

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Evangelische Stadtkirche

Address Augustaplatz 

76530 Baden-Baden

Construction Date 1864
Building Type Church

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The Evangelische Stadtkirche (Protestant City Church) is located on the south side of the Augustaplatz next to the Kongresshaus.


After the Reformation and the Counter Reformation there were no Protestants in Baden-Baden until the 19th century. At the request of new inhabitants and visitors of the town a Protestant parish emerged in 1832. At first Protestant services were held in the Spitalkirche, but soon the Protestants wished to have a their own church. Donations, foundations and especially the support of the casino tenant Edouard Bénazet helped to finance the construction. The town provided a construction site free of charge. In 1853 the draft of Friedrich Eisenloher was chosen by the church council. The foundation stone was laid in 1855, but funding problems delayed the construction considerably. The failed attempt to assassinate Wilhelm I in the Lichtentaler Allee in 1861 led to an increase of donations. Like that the church could be inaugurated without towers on 8 May 1864. The financing of the towers took a few years longer. They were built in deviation from the original plans of Eisenloher according to plans of Heinrich Lang and inaugurated in 1876.