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Type Fountain

Date of Construction 1870

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The Fettquelle (fat source) is a publicly accessible thermal fountain at the Römerplatz in Baden-Baden, between the Friedrichsbad and the Klosterschule vom Heiligen Grab. Around 1870 the source was caught in a basin. It is located in a grotto of sinter stone. Due to small particles, the water is shining like fat, which is a possible explanation for the name of the source.[1] Once the water of the fountain had a temperature of 63°C. Since October 2012 the water is with 47°C a lot cooler. The reason for this is a law, that classifies water from public thermal fountains as drinking water. The concentration of arsenic was above the legal limit, therefore the Fettquelle is now supplied with pre-filtered water from different thermal sources.[2] Thermal water is supposed to be health-promoting, given that one only drinks small amounts. If you want to try, you have to bring your own drinking vessel.



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