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The Friedrichsbad is a Roman-Irish thermal baths

Address Römerplatz 1

76530 Baden-Baden

Architect Karl Dernfeld
Construction Date 1869-1877

Contact Data
Phone 07221 2759-20

Website Official Website

Baths Info
Opening 1877
Type Roman-Irish thermal bath
Opening Times Mon-Sun 9:00 - 22:00
Admission 23 Euro

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The Friedrichsbad is a Roman-Irish thermal baths in Baden-Baden's baths district. After its completion in 1877, the magnificent building in the style of Italian High Renaissance was considered the most beautiful baths of Europe. It was copied in other spas like Wiesbaden and Aachen. The Friedrichsbad was built on behalf of Grand Duke Friedrich I and therefore received his name.

Visiting the Friedrichsbad[edit]

In the Friedrichsbad the Roman bathing culture is combined with Irish steam baths. The guest follows a predetermined sequence of up to 17 stages. Showers, hot air baths and thermal baths alternate. Station 5 is an optional bookable massage. During the first half of the stations, the body is warmed up slowly and then cooled down again in the second half. At stage 11 the guest swims in the circular movement bath unter the impressive 17-meter-high dome. At stage 15 the guest can decide to lotion himself with nourishing creams or he chooses to book the cream massage at some extra cost. In the rest room and later in the reading room, the guest can enjoy the end of his visit.

The Friedrichsbad is visited without swimwear. It is a nudity baths. There are days on which men and women use all stages together (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, public holidays, and 14 February). On the other days men and women are separated most of the time. They only meet at the two stages in the domed hall.


When it became clear in the middle of the 19th century, that the era of gambling would end, it was decided to modernize the bathing offerings. The city wanted to be attractive for visitors, even after the closing of the casino. In 1868 the architect Karl Dernfeld was asked to travel and visit other baths in order to collect ideas for the Friedrichsbad. In 1869 the construction was started. The reasons for the longish construction period from 1869 to 1877 were manifold. The Franco-German War interrupted the work as well as the discovery of Roman Bath Ruins, financing problems and the challenging position on the slope of the Florentinerberg.