Rosenneuheitengarten Beutig

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Rosenneuheitengarten Beutig
The Rosenneuheitengarten Beutig is an international rose trial, in which 100 rose novelties are presented and awarded every year.

Type Garden

Date of Construction 1981

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The Rosenneuheitengarten Beutig (garden for rose novelties Beutig) is an international trial, in which 100 rose novelties are presented and awarded every year. The price Golden Rose of Baden-Baden is one of the most important awards for roses in Germany. The garden was awarded an excellent garden by the "World Federation of Rose Societies" in 2003. At that time, only 15 other gardens worldwide were classified as such an outstanding garden.[1]

The Garden[edit]

The 3000-square-meter garden area on the hillside is divided into four major fields. In addition to the novelties of the current season, lots of roses of previous years can be admired. The middle way of the garden is spanned with rose arches. Statues of Aphrodite, Hebe and Bacchus are situated in semi-circular arcades. Guests are asked to put the admission of 1 Euro into a box at the entrance. This contribution helps maintaining the garden, which is quite costly. Children and young people up to 18 years may enter free of charge. The garden is opened from mid-March to mid-October from 9 am to sunset.


Rose Novelty Competition[edit]

Every year in June, rose experts from all over the world meet in Baden-Baden and assess the Rose novelties. Up to 100 points can thereby be awarded in the following categories :

  • overall impression (up to 15 points )
  • flower and bud (up to 15 points )
  • resistance (up to 15 points)
  • scent (up to 15 points )
  • novalty value (up to 15 points)
  • leaves (up to 10 points)
  • charm (up to 10 points)
  • withering (up to 5 points)


The history of the rose novelty competitions in Baden-Baden began in 1952 with a first competition in the Gönneranlage. Walter Rieger, Baden-Baden's director of horticulture at that time, initiated the competition, which was held under the patronage of federal chancellor Konrad Adenauer. It turned out that the available space in the Gönneranlage was insufficient for rose trials on an international scale. As a temporary solution further trials were established on an unused terrain of the nursery of the Baden-Baden organisation Bäder- und Kurverwaltung. A permanent solution was searched during the preparation for the important gardening event Landesgartenschau 1981. A first proposal was to establish a permanent trial in the castle garden of the New Castle, which would have certainly offered a wonderful scenery. But this idea failed because of the resistance of the margrave's administration. Finally the Rosenneuheitengarten was planted on the Beutig. As the soil was not suitable for roses, the municipal garden department filled up a 1m deep layer of loess loam from the Rhine valley.[2] Just in time for the Landesgartenschau the garden was opened. Two years later the 6th World Rose Convention took place in Bade-Baden. In preparation for this Congress the Rosenneuheitengarten Beutig was extended once again. In 2003 the World Federation of Rose Societies recognized the garden with the coveted "Award of Garden Excellence".



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