Stadtbild Baden-Baden e.V.

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Stadtbild Baden-Baden e.V.

Address Friedrichstr. 14

76530 Baden-Baden

Contact Data

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Association Info
Type Development Association
Chairman Wolfgang Niedermeyer

OpeningDate 26.03.2001

The association Stadtbild Baden-Baden e.V. takes a stand for the preservation, the care and the development of Baden-Baden's cityscape.

Objectives and Realization[edit]

According to the association's constitution (version of 20 April 2005), the association cares about the home city Baden-Baden and its history. The objective of the association is to preserve the city's historic originalities, to participate in planning the city's development and to foster the specific cityscape of Baden-Baden and the landscape nearby. It takes a stand for the meaningful integration of new constructions and the humane developement of the city. The association wants to achieve these objectives by consulting, discussions and providing information, like assessments, statements, publications and press texts.