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The Stadtmuseum documents the history of Baden-Baden.

Address Lichtentaler Allee 10

76530 Baden-Baden

Contact Data
Phone 07221 932272
Fax 07221 932277
E-Mail Official E-Mail


Type City History
Opening Times Wed-Sun 11:00 - 18:00
Admission 5 Euro

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The Stadtmuseum Baden-Baden (city museum of Baden-Baden) documents the history of Baden-Baden from its beginnings as a Roman settlement, to the glorious 19th century and to modern times. Since 2004 the collection is located in the Alleehaus at the beginning of Baden-Baden's Museum Mile.


The city councilor Stanislaus Kah and the pharmacist Oskar Rößler founded the city history collections in 1892. Since 1902 the exhibits were displayed in a side building of Palais Hamilton. After the Second World War Hans Rößler, the son of Oscar Rößler, won the French occupation forces for the protection of the collection. After Palais Hamilton was sold, the exhibits moved temporarily to the New Castle in 1951. From 1981 to 2004 they were put to the former guesthouse Baldreit, before they finally moved to Alleehaus in the Lichtentaler Allee. The Scheerer foundation made this possible by leaving the house to the city.