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The Term Stadtwiki[edit]

The term Stadtwiki is German for city wiki. City wikis work like the free encyclopedia Wikipedia. Everyone can create an user account, write texts, upload pictures and in this way share his knowledge. In contrast to the Wikipedia city wikis are focusing on one city. In the city wiki of Baden-Baden all articles should be somehow related to Baden-Baden or the region close to it. The advantage is that we can collect information on topics that have only local relevancy. In the Wikipedia such topics are forbidden because of its relevancy criteria.


According to the device "collecting, preserving and publishing local knowledge" the city wiki wants to be an open information platform for the city and the region of Baden-Baden. For different target groups we want to provide the needed information. New inhabitants should get a fast overview over their new home town. Pupils can access historical images and texts for their local history presentations. Every Inhabitant finds information about the historical background of the town and tourists find information about attractions, hotels and restaurants.

A special interest of the city wiki is to promote non-profit and cultural projects by providing them with a platform to announce information and find new participants.


In the end of 2009 the city wiki of Baden-Baden was founded as a private project by Moritz Grenke. Until June 2010 he tested different configurations. On June 1st, 2010 the domain was registered.

At the end of 2012 the city wiki was presented to the two local associations Arbeitskreis für Stadtgeschichte Baden-Baden e.V. (Working Committee for City History Baden-Baden) and Stadtbild Baden-Baden e.V. (Townscape Baden-Baden). Lots of positive feedback and proposals for extensions of the information offering encouraged us to continue with the project.

On November 18th, 2013 the English version of the city wiki went live.