Stourdza Chapel

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Stourdza Chapel

Address Stourdzastraße 2

76530 Baden-Baden

Architect Leo von Klenze
Construction Date 1866
Building Type Chapel

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The Stourdza Chapel (de: Stourdza Kapelle) on the Michaelsberg above the Kurhaus contains the family grave of the Romanian royal family Stourdza. The chapel was built in the years 1863-1866 by the Munich architect Leo von Klenze.[1]


Prince Michael Stourdza reigned in Moldavia until his expulsion in the revolution of 1848. In the period thereafter he lived in Paris and Baden-Baden. After the unexpected death of his 17-year-old son Prince Michael 1863 in Paris, he commissioned the chapel. It should serve as a memorial to his deceased son and also as a tomb for his family.


The chapel was built with white, brown and red sandstone. The porch is supported by four Ionic columns. An orthodox double cross is attached to the 24 meter high dome.




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