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The Swiss chalet style is a architectural style of the historicism, which was derived from the style of alpine farmhouses. In the 19th century it was popular in Baden-Baden and was represented here in particular by Friedrich Eisenlohr.


Swiss Chalet houses were used as romantic hideaways by their owners and expressed the owners' closeness to nature. The style is characterized by gently dipping, wide overhanging roofs and gables on the eaves side. The timbered constructions have decorative carvings and mouldings. As building site often locations in the countryside in vicinity of water were selected. Thus, it is not surprising that along the Oos many Swiss Chalet houses can be found.

Buildings in Baden-Baden[edit]

Along the Oos, between the Dahlia Garden and the Klosterplatz, 15 Swiss Chalet houses have been preserved. To have such a high density of Swiss Chalet houses is rather rare and illustrates the importance of the style for Baden-Baden. Also in the villa districts Swiss Chalet houses emerged next to the villas. They then mostly served as accommodation for coachmen and servants.



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